Important Documents to Check Before Buying a House

Are you planning to buy an apartment? Be cautious. Indulging into the hasty decision of buying a property simply by examining configuration, floorplan and price is your major folly. 

When it is a matter about fulfilling your ambitious dream Sobha Dream Gardens could give you that plunge to turn your dream into reality. But to avoid any mishap, get ready with all the necessary documents before buying your dream home in Sobha Dream Gardens Bellahalli.

Sobha Dream Gardens - Checklist of Documents
Checklist of Documents for Buying Property

Checklist of Important Documents Required to Buy a House 

  1. Sale Deed:  The most important legal document that is proof of transfer of ownership and sale of the property from the builder to the buyer. This has to be compulsorily registered. One should execute the sale agreement first before executing sale deed and check for the compliance of the terms and conditions agreed upon between the seller and the buyer. Before the sale deed, the buyer should confirm that the property has a clear title and whether there are any encumbrance charges.

  2. Mother Deed: The parent document that traces the origin of the property ownership from the start and helps in the further sale of the property. It is important that the Mother Deed records in a sequence the references to previous ownership and should be continuous and unbroken. And. This sequence should be updated to the present owner of the property.

  3. Building Approval Plan: Building plan is sanctioned by the development authority of the respective city. Without building approval plan construction of property is illegal under Municipal Corporation act.
    Sail into your new house of Sobha Dream Gardens
    Sail into your dream house
    The owner is required to submit a set of documents in order to obtain a building approval plan.

  4. Commencement certificate in case of under construction property: This certificate is issued by legal authorities after the inspection of the site. This document helps the builder in commencing the construction on the site and states that the project meets the given criteria. If the builder fails to acquire this certificate, he would have to bear hefty penalties and might even attract eviction notice and the construction will be considered illegal.

  5. Conversion Certificate: To change the use of land from Agriculture to Non- agriculture purpose a conversion certificate is issued from the competent revenue authority.

  6. Khata Certificate: A mandatory certificate required for registration and transfer of new property. It is nothing but obtaining the property details from the assessment registrar and is needed while buying and acquiring property trade license.

  7. Encumbrance Certificate: It is the liabilities created on the property or the charges in the ownership of the property. It is held against the home loan as security. It comprises all the registered dealings done on the property throughout the period for which the EC is wanted. To put it simply, it is a certificate required for a particular period evidencing the purchase and sale of the property. To obtain an EC one has to submit the copy of Sale Deed.

  8. Receipt of Betterment Charges: Also known as improvement or development fees. These are to be paid to the Municipal Corporation before a Khata can be issued. The builders are allowed to pay a fixed amount as betterment charges to the municipal body. At the time of buying the property, a receipt of betterment charges should be obtained.

  9. Power of Attorney: A legal procedure under which the owner of the property gives authority of the same to another person on his behalf. To transfer the rights of one’s property, one can either give a Special Power of Attorney or a General Power of Attorney.

  10. Completion Certificate: This legal certificate is issued by the municipal authorities and denotes that the building complies with their rules in terms of distance from the road, construction as per the approved plans, the height of the project, etc. This competition certificate is required at the time of property purchase and seeking a home loan.

  11. Newest Tax Paid Receipt: Property tax bills receipts ensure that property tax is being paid up-to-date to the government. For the buyer to get the Khata issued on his name it is obligatory for property taxes to be paid up to the date. Therefore, to ensure that all the payments are cleared by the developer, the buyer should inquire with the municipal authorities. He is required to ask the seller for the latest tax paid receipts and bills and check the details of the tax payer’s name, the owner’s name, and the date of payment on the receipt. However, the buyer should also ensure that the other bills like the water bill, electricity bill etc. are also paid up-to-date.

  12. Occupancy Certificate: It certifies that the property is ready for occupancy. Application of this certificate by the builder carries out an inspection by the authorities to ensure that the property construction meets all the specified norms. This certificate is important at the time of seeking a home loan, before possession and buying a property, and for the transfer of Khata.
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So, before indulging into any luxury apartment like Sobha Dream Gardens, get yourself ready for a major paperwork and seek all the above-mentioned documents from the seller.


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